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Investment Manager Search
Searching for and selecting investment managers who precisely fit the unique needs of each institution is one of the most important aspects of controlling investment program quality.

Due to poor products or even outright fraud, many institutional investment programs suffered major losses during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. The root cause was almost always the lack of a disciplined manager search due diligence process for fulfilling the fiduciary duties of high alpha, high integrity and low fees.

Thorough investment manager due diligence

Marquette Associates guides institutions in the search for and selection of traditional and alternative investment managers using dedicated asset class analysts. The proprietary Marquette database contains over 14,000 notes on 3,500 investment managers and their 7,000 products. Marquette also draws from eVestment Alliance, Morningstar® Direct, Preqin Ltd. and HFR® data. This comprehensive database is supplemented with more than 1,800 meetings with managers each year – senior Marquette staff interviewing portfolio managers, traders, analysts and other key personnel to verify our thorough analyses on an ongoing basis.
Marquette investment manager search focuses on a five-step due diligence process:

  • Initial evaluation – Evaluate product viability & alignment with Marquette asset class position 
  • Quantitative review – Review investment ideas quantitatively for client-relevance on metrics such as risk/reward profile & fees
  • Document review – Review documents for red flags, from RFIs and compliance manuals to disaster recovery plans and SEC letters
  • Full firm evaluation – Evaluate firm comprehensively from background and reference checks to onsite review of technology, culture, investment team and trading
  • Ongoing due diligence – Conduct ongoing due diligence such as quarterly performance reviews, RFI answer updates, semi-annual meetings/visits and monitoring for possible red flags such as ownership changes
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