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March 30, 2017

Bracing for Impact: How to Prepare for the Next Generation of Defined Contribution Plans
By Linsey Schoemehl Payne, Vice President, Courtney Hugger, Analyst

As defined benefit plans continue to grapple with funding issues, defined contribution plans have emerged as the primary vehicle for retirement savings. In recent years we have seen increased adoption of features that encourage participation in such plans, such as automatic enrollment, as well as the emergence of options that better prepare participants for retirement, such as target date funds. Consideration of ESG issues— that’s environmental, social, and governance—within the participant-directed, defined contribution plan structure has also gained momentum as a way for plan sponsors to engage with their participants and mitigate risks for the investor. Plan sponsors are now tasked with the challenge of determining whether and how to best incorporate ESG considerations into the stewardship of defined contribution plans.

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