Investment Stewardship Guidance – About Marquette Associates

Investment Stewardship Guidance — Marquette's Mission

An independent investment consulting firm, Marquette Associates guides institutional investment programs with a focused three-point approach and careful research. Marquette has served a single mission since 1986 – enable institutions to become more effective investment stewards.
  • Clients first & foremost
  • Focused approach
    • We help institutions control the three key factors that lead to successful investment programs and fiduciary responsibility – risk, quality and cost – with a focused approach
  • Careful research
    • We provide carefully researched advice – research known for its practical engagement of the most important issues institutional investors face. 
  • Real-world experience
    • Our guidance is based in more than consulting experience and analysis, but also direct industry experience from our 75 employees such as work at investment firms and plan sponsors. The real-world experience of the Marquette research team, investment consultants, analysts and support staff helps to provide client service grounded in the day-to-day realities of institutional investing.