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April 22, 2016

Glenn E. Ross Co-Leading Discussion at Endowments & Foundations Roundtable 6/9

On Thursday, June 9, Glenn E. Ross will be co-leading a group discussion at Institutional Investor’s 2016 Endowments & Foundations Roundtable in Boston. The roundtable discussion will debate the merits of various asset allocation strategies. Delegates will explore how the current market experience impacts thinking about diversification, liquidity, and other portfolio attributes that result from the asset allocation process.

The 2016 Endowments & Foundations Roundtable will focus on the top financial and managerial issues that are shaping the outlook at these important institutions. The Roundtable’s objective is to deliver critical information that can mitigate the uncertainty surrounding investing but also training that can enhance decision-making capabilities. Through a wide-ranging 21⁄2-day program comprised of illuminating presentations from investment experts, case studies, and discussions with political and economic thought leaders, Roundtable participants will explore important investment issues with colleagues and peers, and gain insights to share with their investment committees, boards and staff. For more information on the Endowments & Foundations Roundtable, please visit the Institutional Investor Forums website.

Marquette Associates serves more than 100 endowment, foundation and nonprofit clients based on over two decades of eleemosynary experience. Each investment program is specifically tailored to an organization’s unique mission and operating situation. This level of customization has resulted in Marquette using over $15 billion in socially responsible investing across various asset classes.